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November 1, 1999
24 Hours Of Rocky Hill - Mountain Biking by John Hollansworth, Jr.
A contingent of TeamXtreme (John & Jeff H.) was represented at a mountain bike (off road) 24 hour race this weekend at a course about 40 miles east of Austin, Tx. To use a motorsports analogy, the 24 hours of Daytona turned into the 12 hours of Sebring. A technical malfunction of the state of the art, digitally controlled nickel hydride lighting system on my bike during a race lap around 11:30 pm put Jeff and I effectively out of the race. Up to that point we had covered over 100 miles on the very challenging 10.2 mile course, which consisted primarily of single track through heavy woods and included significant elevation changes over quite rocky terrain. The race began at 12 Noon on Saturday. Each loop took about an hour, so Jeff and I would rotate riding upon the completion of each loop . . . We had been riding for about 12 hours when my lighting system failed. Unfortunately, when the electronic brain (black box) of my lighting system malfunctioned, I was deep in the course in pitch black woods. With a very small hand held light as a back up, it was impossible to ride the bike on the technical terrain . . . it took me a couple of hours to walk the bike out of the woods and back to race headquarters and by that time we were out of contention for a podium finish. At that point, after assessing the situation, we decided to "live to fight another day" and call it a night. We have already modified our gameplan for next year's race to include, among other things, redundancy in the lighting department!!
October 19, 1999
The 1999 Pep Boys Indy Racing League Season In Now In The History Books!
TeamXtreme and the #42 Lycos / CompCom / FMS / Brinks Dallara finished a season high 5th place in the 500K IndyCar race at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday!! The 30 points awarded for 5th position moved us up to 17th in the driver's points standings and 18th in team points. In a Rookie season that has had its ups and downs, the entire team put in a fantastic effort during the Texas race weekend to finish the season on a major high note. In spite of a rain delay, cold track temperatures, and a number of on track incidents, we made good decisions both on track and off to finish the season with a huge amount of momentum and enthusiasm as we begin preparations for 2000. TeamXtreme was also awarded the "Race Within A Race" award by for being the highest finishing team in the race sponsored by an Internet Company (Lycos, of course!). On the Team's behalf, $5,000 will be donated to the "Ident-A-Kid" Charity.
October 18, 1999
Texas Motor Speedway Diary
John Hollansworth, Jr.

After running in the Top 10 at every race this year except one, and running in the Top 5 at several of those races, it had been incredibly frustrating not to lock down any single digit finishes coming into the last race of the 1999 season. Our on track challenges this year ran the gamut from ring and pinion problems, two gearbox failures, a fuel injector malfunction, and also included getting caught up in other drivers' problems on two occasions.

All of which made our 5th place finish at Texas Motor Speedway, at our home track, even more gratifying!

Ironically, we had our worst qualifying effort of the year, starting in 18th position. However, the car maintained great balance throughout the race and was a pleasure to drive.

I honestly didn't think that we were going to get the race in due to the inclimate weather. Race day morning the rain began, and temperatures dropped into the 50's with a cold blustery wind. Not exactly ideal race conditions!!

In the early afternoon the rains stopped, but the humidity remained high while the jet dryers began their work around the track. Brian Barnhart held a second drivers meeting Sunday afternoon and covered the special start and restart procedures that would be used due to the very cold conditions. Because the tire compounds were not designed to operate at the low temperatures that we were faced with, Brian and Leo Mehl wisely elected for us to start the race in single file after giving us ample time to bring the cars up to speed to build heat in the tires.

The TeamXtreme crew called a great race for me and did an excellent job on our pit stops. We gradually moved up from our starting position as the race progressed; at the halfway point we had moved up to 10th place. My brother, Jeff, made two excellent spotting calls to keep me out of trouble in the second half of the race, and we moved up 5 more spots to finish in 5th place.

TeamXtreme also won the "Race Within A Race" award by for being the highest finishing team in the race sponsored by an Internet Company (Lycos, of course!). On the Team's behalf, $5000 was donated to the "Indent-A-Kid" National Charity.

This finish at Texas was a great momentum builder for TeamXtreme as we now prepare for the 2000 season. The 2000 Indy Racing Season looks to be fantastic - the just announced ABC-ESPN television package will be great for our sport and for our sponsors. With new cars on order and awesome sounding 3.5 liter engines on the way, Indy Racing fans are in for a real treat next season!

October 13, 1999

The Driver's Seat: John Hollansworth, Jr.
Just prior to the last race of the 1999 season, John was asked to write and article for the site describing recent events in his life, both on and off track. You can read the article here.
September 28, 1999
Las Vegas Motor Speedway Diary
John Hollansworth, Jr.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway is unlike the other 1.5 mile super speedways that the Indy Racing League visits. Unlike Charlotte, Atlanta, and Texas, Las Vegas does not have the 24 degree high banked turns. Instead, the track's turns are banked only half that amount (12 degrees), allowing the track take on the personality of a "long mile," similar to Pikes Peak International Raceway.

This difference in banking is all important with respect to the setup that the engineers put on the race cars to achieve optimum speed and handling. Although the six degree rear wing rule remains in effect at Las Vegas, a different approach to set up is generally taken because the car must have a significant amount of mechanical and aerodynamic grip in order to negotiate the "flatter" turns at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

As a team we had learned some things at Pikes Peak that we were looking forward to implementing at Vegas. In the first practice session we tried this new set up, but the car was loose and quite uncomfortable to drive at the limit . . . however, as more rubber was put down in the groove in later practice sessions, the track came back to us and we knew that we had a good combination working for both qualifying and race day.

On Saturday we qualified in 8th position, which was our 5th top ten qualifying effort in a row. We became only the fourth driver in Indy Racing League history to qualify in the top ten this many times in a row.

On race day our plan was to run strong throughout the race, but not to take any unnecessary chances that would jeopardize a good finish. Our initial challenge in the race came during our first two pit stops; due to an engine mapping problem, the motor was extremely difficult to keep running at slower speeds. This resulted in the motor quitting and the crew had to refire it when the service on the car was completed. As a result, we lost three positions on the first stop and five positions (13th place to 18th place) on the second stop.

In spite of the above setback, the car was handling exceptionally well at speed. In fact, we moved from 18th to 8th position during the course of the ensuing green flag run.

At that point, the yellow flag came out due to Greg Ray's contact with the wall. On the restart, Ray was back on the track, but well off the pace. As I prepared to take the high line going into Turn One to get safely around Ray, contact occurred between my right rear wheel and Billy Boat's left front wheel. This incident turned me around and put me, Boat, and Dismore in to the Turn One wall.

Besides being extremely surprised and disappointed, I knew that I had a fracture in my left lower extremity. The telltale numbness was a reminder of my motocross racing days . . . Fortunately, Dr. Sheid informed me that I had only broken one of the metatarsal bones in my left foot, and that in 6-8 weeks I would be good as new. However, going into our season finale at Texas in three weeks with an injury was certainly not the "A-plan"!!

I was very happy for Sam Schmidt to get his first IRL career win at Vegas. Sam had gone out of his way to help me earlier in the year, and his "veteran input" was much appreciated.

Monday, July 19, 1999
TeamXtreme Crew Shines In The Face Of Adversity
John Hollansworth Jr. qualified the #42 CompuCom / Lycos Dallara of TeamXtreme, 9th for the Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway this past weekend. This was the second race in a row that the TeamXtreme entry has started in the top ten (2nd at Pikes Peak). Commenting on the qualifying effort driver Hollansworth said, "during the practice sessions we learned a little bit more about the 1.5 mile setup... we found a combination that allowed us to qualify in 9th position and we were two thousands of a second from qualifying in 7th. The entire field was covered by six tenths of a second, a new record in IndyCar racing."

Racing, as every team sport is, is about a team working together in pursuit of perfection. That perfection can only be achieved through adversity. Early in Saturday nights race TeamXtreme was faced with that adversity in the form of an accident. Hollansworth described the event this way, "on lap 29 of the race I encountered some significant air turbulence from cars ahead of me in the middle of turns 1 and 2, which resulted in losing down force to my front wing, to counteract this I input more steering, then a blast of (clean) air caught the wing, pined the front tires and caused a snap over steer condition (the back end came around). I ended up spinning on the exit of turn 2, resulting in contact with the outside wall."

Crew Chief Rob Stark and Engineer Mark Weida then orchestrated a masterful repair job. Six laps went by until the league's tow truck deposited a car that certainly appeared to be out of the race, in the pits. The impact had destroyed the rear wing, the front wing was damaged, two tires had blown, the shock cover was missing and the gearbox had been badly damaged. The crew changed the front wing, nose, tires and fueled the car before hustling it back to the garage area. No hospital emergency room ever operated with more focus, speed or precision that the TeamXtreme crew as it completed the repairs on its heavily damaged race car. The repairs took and additional 32 laps and crew then had to push the car back to pit row (league rules) before Hollansworth could hit the throttle and resume the race. The television broadcast crew was shocked when the CompuCom / Lycos Dallara pulled onto the racetrack and noted it during the broadcast. The crew was now able to take a deep breath. High fives and cold drinks of water went around as TeamXtreme settled back into race mode. Hollansworth's take on the crew's efforts was, "the entire TeamXtreme crew did a fantastic job of repairing the front nose / wing and gearbox damage. We ran until the end of the 312-mile race, finishing in 19th place. By repairing the racecar and returning to the track, the team salvaged all-important points, keeping us in the top 20 and protecting our Rookie of the Year points lead.

At the end of a long hard night of racing, the team's General Manager, John Lopes said, "I have never been as happy about a 19th place finish or as proud of a team as I am tonight. This crew did one hell of a job in getting that car back on the race track and I can't say enough about them."

Tuesday, June 22, 1999
CompuCom Name To Replace For TeamXtreme and Hollansworth
ROCKWALL, TX - JUNE 22, 1999 - Philip Wise, President of announced today that CompuCom, the parent firm of would be featured on the side pod of the TeamXtreme #42 Dallara driven by John Hollansworth, Jr. The entry will now be known as the CompuCom / Lycos Dallara. Wise commented, "this is a branding move only and puts the focus on our parent firm." The change in appearance will start with the Radisson 200 at Pikes Peak International Raceway on Sunday, June 27th.
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